OEM Application



The purpose of this form is to assist the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation in assessing whether new Zero-emission vehicle models can become eligible for CleanBC Go Electric Rebates under the Go Electric Vehicle Incentive Program. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) should fill out this form to submit vehicle models for consideration.

General Eligibility requirements:

  • Fuel Type must be either: Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV),OR Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)
  • For Cargo E-bike, a minimum 125 liter cargo volume capacity and a minimum 130 kg weight capacity
  • If applicable: Highway capable, CMVSS certified, covered/deemed covered by EPA certificate in accordance with the ORVEER Regulation
  • New, BC registered, OEM vehicle
  • Any types of conversions are not eligible.

Volume and Weight definitions for cargo E-bikes:

  • Minimum transport volume shall be calculated by multiplying the flatbed load area by the maximum acceptable load height. If specific cargo boxes exist for the e-bike, their volume may be used instead.
  • Load area is the available non-overhanging flat-bed cargo area and should be calculated to exclude attachment points.
  • For e-bikes with transport boxes or load beds ahead of the rider (e.g. "Long-John" models) the acceptable maximum load height shall be that of the handlebars, unless defined otherwise by the manufacturer.
  • For e-bikes with open transport beds or boxes positioned behind the rider, maximum acceptable load height shall be taken as the sum of the length and width of the available load bed area
  • For "long tail" or similar two-wheel e-bikes where loads may largely be carried to the side of the structure, rather than on a flat bed, the effective load bed width shall be taken as 80 cm when calculating load area.
  • Weight capacity means weight of rider plus weight of luggage. If only a specification for luggage weight is available, this must be at least 40 kg.

*Please submit separate applications for each model year.

PART A: For vehicle models currently on the list of eligible vehicles (addition of a new model year). Please initial if the following statement is true.

I certify that the vehicles included on the current list of eligible vehicles have not been modified from the vehicles that were previously approved by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation for inclusion on the List of Eligible Vehicles including warranty and after sales service provisions.

PART B: For vehicle models not currently on the list of eligible vehicles. Please complete form below.

Battery Size
Fuel Type

*Actual image of the vehicle (size less than 1MB, aspect ratio 1:1, formats jpg or png)

Specification Sheet

* Please upload vehicle specification documents (size less than 5MB, format pdf)